Melissa’s Brigade

Lisa’s Army is proud to announce our affiliation with Melissa’s Brigade!

Melissa McCormack was a true warrior and a tremendously compassionate individual.  Immediately after receiving a Lisa’s Army Comfort Care Package, Melissa started to give back with the help of her group of friends affectionately known as The Breakfast Club.  They had a large presence at the Lisa’s Army 5K Run & Walk in 2019 and have been raising money for Lisa’s Army ever since. 

Melissas Brigade Logov2
Melissa and Family

Melissa fought courageously until her passing at the end of 2019 and requested that all donations go to Lisa’s Army.  Her friends did not want that to be the end of giving back, they wanted to be a part of Lisa’s Army and together we formed Melissa’s Brigade, in memory of Melissa.  Melissa’s Brigade will fundraise in Lawrence Township and surrounding areas in Melissa’s memory.  We love that they are a division of Lisa’s Army and will be a great addition!  Together, we will be able to help comfort more individuals battling cancer. 

8945 Ridge Ave., Unit #8
Philadelphia, PA 19128