Comfort Corner

Please take a moment to watch and read about the impact of our Comfort Care Packages on some our recipients and their families in their own words.

“What an amazing group of people you are! There I was, scared, waiting for my first chemo treatment when my Nurse Navigator came to see me with a Comfort Care Package from Lisa’s Army. There are simply no words to let you know how very much that meant to me! My family will be showing our appreciation by adding Lisa’s Army as one of the charities we will contribute to.”

“To the amazing people at Lisa’s Army: You sent me a Comfort Care Package filled with everything I could possibly need. The blanket is so soft and warm, the toiletries were used on a little getaway and the journal is used frequently. As I face Stage 4 breast cancer I wanted to do something for my children, who are 7 & 9 to remember me by. We use the iPad to take movies and I record myself sharing my childhood memories or sharing insight into what their 1st dates may be like, responsibilities of driving a car, 1st heartbreak, etc. Thank you so much for helping my husband and I make this possible.”

“Thank you so very much for the iPad, Lisa’s Army. It helps me get through long stays at the hospital. I have no idea how I would have passed the time without it. I always take it with me to the clinic. Just in case I’m there for a long period of time. I will use it always. Thank you sooooo much.”

“I wanted to reach out as one of my family members who is battling cancer received a Comfort Care Package from Lisa’s Army earlier this week. I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and inspiration surrounding this care package. My uncle could not contain his excitement about the iPad that was in the care package, which now allows him to FaceTime his 1½ year old while he is in the hospital.”

“Thank you for my Comfort Care Package! I cried as I was so overwhelmed by the gifts inside and the overall kindness your organization brings to people like me. I can’t wait to pay it forward in the future!”

“Words cannot begin to express my surprise and gratitude for the beautiful package I received. As a cancer patient, every little act of kindness makes you feel so much better and your package made my day. It’s nice to know there are so many generous people in the world.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the things you sent to my best friend. The gifts you gave to her were so helpful and really raised her spirits at times when things got tough. What you guys provide to people in need is so thoughtful. Thank you so much again!”

“I just received my care package from your wonderful organization! I can tell you, it brightened my day! Thank you so very much for all the wonderful goodies and the awesome bag itself! The inspirational banner contains wise words, words we often take for granted – but these words are the words of strength and hope! Thank you for the makeup bag with goodies to make me feel pretty, the chemo cap to keep my balding head warm, and, of course, the iPad to help me keep up with my classes! I truly appreciate it and am grateful that wonderful organizations like yours exist to help us cancer survivors!”

“Thank you for all the goodies and things to provide comfort in this time of my life. I have used the headphones on a number of occasions, they work really well. In my sickness, I have used a Queasy Pop and been soothed by the warmth of the blanket. It is hard to stay warm as I lost my hair, but the blanket has been very helpful during the stay in the hospital so far. I hope every day is special for you all. Thank you for making this just that little bit easier.”

“We can’t tell you how grateful our daughter was when she got her bag full of goodies. When she went to the Cancer Treatment Center in Philadelphia she was very nervous. Now she knows she’s not the only one with this dreadful disease. Thanks for all your work.”

“Thank you again for the package filled with useful items, including the iPad Air. I have been continually touched by the support I have received from not only family and friends but from caring organizations such as yours.”

“Thank you so much for thinking of me to receive this gift, Lisa’s Army! I feel so special. I feel like I am always giving and never receiving and you have made me realize that there are others out there who love taking care of people. This process is tough but you have made it go smoother for me.”

“Hello! I was lucky enough to get one of your Comfort Care Packages and would like to thank your group for doing this for individuals during treatment. I know that I have enjoyed everything in the package and take it with me during my treatments. Thanks again!”

“I received the Comfort Care Package, tears of joy, I was so overwhelmed! Thank you kindly. May God bless you all.”

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